Is Celebration Fl The Right Place For You?

Celebration is a residential town in Osceola County, Florida that was developed by The Walt Disney Company, and it’s just minutes near to Walt Disney World and all that the Central Florida area has to offer. Celebration was easily connected directly to the Walt Disney Resorts area that allows residents of Celebration to get to the Disney World Parks very fast through World Drive. This however, is not what makes Celebration a great place to live; it is the charm, surroundings and its residents that make Celebration one of the best residential communities near Disney World.

Everything Within Reach At Celebration

Celebration has seven registered churches as most of the residents are Christians. It also has one Jewish congregation, one Hospital Ministry, a fire department, post office, and schools which are among the best in Central Florida. They also have a wide range of organizations that were founded to maintain the surroundings and the community of Celebration. Each and every organization is responsible to play a role in Celebration Governance.

In terms of attractions in Celebration, besides the strategic location of the town where it is near to Disney World, Celebration is also famous for its satisfying golf course which is lined with beautiful homes that are stylish and fabulously designed. There are also various styles of two and three story homes from Traditional, Country, Colonial, Spanish, George Town, and Mediterranean styles. Nevertheless, the landscape that surrounds the homes there is magnificent and lush.

A Very Family Oriented and Friendly Community

Because Celebration was located in a very strategic place with a great community, there’s no doubt Celebration is a great answer to where to conduct an event. It has already hosted many events throughout the years such as wide yard sales, exotic festivals, artistic shows, and many downtown events during Christmas seasons, and the 4th of July. All of this makes Celebration a very family oriented and friendly community.

Downtown Celebration Shopping and Restaurants

A very popular place in Celebration is the Celebration Downtown area. The main road stretches past a lake and hosts many shops and restaurants as well as a movie theater. It is really near to the Disney Parks and beautiful Celebration Water Tower, where there are also restaurants, shops and a Library.

Celebration, A Great Place To Live

Because of all these factors, Celebration is a really nice place to live and to have many great family moments. Besides all the attractions, great schools and beautiful surroundings, Celebration also offers a variety of events, classes, and activities that suit for all ages. There are Movie under the Stars, Family Chill Out, Karate, Yoga classes, Gymnastics Summer, Baton Class, Cheerleading, Tennis lesson and Swimming lesson.

Various Neighborhoods For all Tastes

The neighborhoods of Celebration are very distinctive, upscale and peaceful, so it will really give you comfort and confidence to buy a house there whether you are growing a family, using as a second home or want it as an investment. Currently approximate, there are 9000 residents, 4060 homes and condominiums and there are still some new properties available for sale. Please remember to give Celebration a chance on your list of real estate options near Disney World. You’ll be glad you did!