As you’ve probably seen, we have made some upgrades to our website. The new features had actually been in the works for about five months as nothing we do here at Carlos German And Team is taken lightly. Our online presence has really been a hit with customers and we didn’t want to take away the things you already love but we certainly wanted to make sure we stayed on the leading edge. However, in order to do that, some upgrades had to be added to our website to make your experience much easier than it has ever been.

Not only that, but there were many upgrades that needed to be done behind the scenes for performance, management of listings, management of inquiries, leads, follow up emails, property emails, etc. In the end, what we have today is a brand new website that was built from the ground up all over again. It may not look like it, but yes, you are using a brand new website with tons of new features that I’ll begin to describe now!

New features:

-Start from home! Our advanced search is now on the home page, where you can start your search and find the property you are looking for faster.

-Smart Search! You can now search by city, subdivision, zip code, street, and MLS # all at the same time and without having to switch pages thanks to our state of the art smart search, and again, all from the home page!


-Disney Homes Search! Find homes near Disney with ease by selecting how close to Disney you’d like your property to be during your search. You can select to view homes 5 miles or less from Disney, 10 miles or less, etc.

-Days on Market Search! Find new listings by searching for properties that entered the market in the last day, week, 30 days, etc.

-Enhanced Performance! All throughout the site you’ll experience faster browsing. The main improvement is in the search result pages as results now display 10 times faster.

-Click less and find more! Now it only takes one click to go from search, to your own customized results. Not only that, but you’ll view up to 48 properties in one single page so that you click less and find more! And all 10 times faster than on our previous platform.

reo-banner_183-Foreclosure Banners! While on search res ults you’ll be able to spot short sales and foreclosures easily as they will be represented with a banner. In addition to that, we still have our priced reduced banner to show you which properties have been reduced in price.

 -Where’s the Map? We’ve moved the search results map to its own page so that you can now see all listings in a larger map, all instantly by clicking the “map” link next to the “List” and “Thumbnail” views.


refine_257-Refine Search Results! Now you can see how many results you are finding while you refine a search in the search results page. That way you know to narrow your search or when your options are getting too demanding.

-Save from Results! Now you can save your search after you get your search results and are satisfied with your findings. If you are not satisfied, you can refine the search and then save, much more efficient.

-Miles to Disney World! All listings now display their distance to Disney World on the results page and on the search details page, so now you can really know which properties are close to the theme park you most care about.

-Instant Favorites! Now you can click on the save to favorites star and the listing will be instantly saved to your favorites without sending you to a new page. 

-Details Overhaul! We have done a complete overhaul of our property details pages, putting the information that most matters to you front and center while also adding some more details and organizing everything better.


mobile-140_274-Social Share! You can now share listings in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter in addition to being able to email listings directly to a friend.

-Quick Inquire! You can now inquire on a property by submitting the form at the end of the property details page. Again, you can now get much more done with fewer clicks!

-Mobile Site! The mobile site alone has tons of features which include “find properties near me”, “map search” and “advanced search”. Plus, you can view your favorites, saved searches and much more on the go.

-Polygonal Search! You can now conduct a map search by drawing a polygon on the map around a given area and seeing properties only within the polygon regardless of what city, subdivision or county they’re in.


 -Radius Search! Just like the polygonal search, you can now search by drawing a radius on the map, which is then drag able and resizable so that you can place it in any area where you want to see properties.

-Schools and amenities overlay on map search! You can now find properties in an area and then see what golf courses are near those properties, what schools, what churches and much more by conducting a map search.


-Street View on map search! Conduct a map search and then navigate the streets and surroundings via Google street view.

And these are just the features we can remember off the top of our head ;) there are many other smaller improvements on this new website and I hope they serve you well while you find your perfect property in the Disney World area!

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Just read about all the new features on the excellent-put-together updated website and all I can say is, wow how does it do that!! Love the "GOOGLE STREET VIEW" option!! You can really see the property and navigate the surrounding area, not to mention the Social Share!

Posted by Dennis Irizarry on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013 at 1:33pm

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