Orlando housing prices are heading up fast, with competition really heating up when it comes to townhouses and condos. While condo units in Seminole and Orange counties made up only about 12-percent of all home sales last month, prices more than tripled the growth rate of single-family homes over last year.

Some believe the recent spike in townhouse and condo prices could likely translate to construction of a new downtown condo tower in the near future. It’s been about ten years since that’s happened.

As home priced continue to grow, however, local wages have stayed relatively flat and the housing supply has actually shrunk. The combo of high demand and low inventory has additionally translated to relatively flat sales, as of late.

Taking a look at Orlando’s…

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Affordability is of course one of the most important factors home buyers consider, especially if yor budget tops out around $200,000. Luckily for buyers searching homes for sale in Clermont, affordable options are fairly plentiful right now, and definitely within these 3 beautiful neighborhoods...

Manchester at Kings Ridge

One great option for buyers is Manchester at Kings Ridge. The neighborhood enjoys several comfortable floor plans affordably priced around $200,000, often with two-bedrooms and two-baths, providing just the right amount of space.

Weston Hills

Close to major attractions, shops and restaurants in the area, Weston Hills also provides for an impressive collection of affordably priced homes in Clermont. It’s possible to find a…

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Kissimmee Luxury Homes For SaleCentral Florida is home to some of the most impressive real estate you'll find anywhere, and that's especially true if we're talking about homes and estates that are situated within the countless golf and country clubs that are scattered throughout the area. So if your budget allows it, why not take a closer look at Kissimmee's most impressive homes currently listed on the market, which more often than not, sit inside these top 3 luxury neighborhoods...

Formosa Gardens

Gated Formosa Gardens is known for its upscale homes, many with private swimming pools, large lots and a large amount of square footage. While the homes vary in price, you will find some homes that easily top $1 million with the advantage of lake views and luxurious added features.

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Central Florida is home to endless sunshine, Disney World, and a warm tropical climate you’ll be able to enjoy all year long. But while the idea of calling Florida home year-round almost always sound appealing on the surface, actually making the move here can definitely sometimes like a daunting task.

Let’s face it, moving anywhere at any time isn’t exactly fun, and that’s especially true if you’re planning a long distance move from out-of-state. Believe it or not, though, most people find moving to the Sunshine State during the summer months to be much less stressful, even despite the hot 90+ degree temperatures making things a little more, well, hot.

We know—that has to almost seem impossible to believe, but here are just 3 quick reasons why it really…

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We’re just a few months into 2018, and already the new year is ushering in some fabulous options for condos in beauitful Celebration, Florida. So whether you're looking for somewhere to call home full-time or perhaps even the ideal vacation or seasonal property that fits all your needs or wants, here are just 3 great places to consider when it comes to condos in Celebration.

Mirasol Private Residences

One incredible place to begin your search is the luxury community of the Mirasol Private Residences. Condo owners here also enjoy the added bonus of on-site amenities, including a swimming area and garage parking.

Water Street Condos

With one-, two- and three-bedroom condos currently available, the Water Street Condos offer buyers a large number…

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