Is Haines City The Right Place For You?

Haines City Real Estate

Centered in the fast-growing northeast section of Polk County, Haines City is a city on the move and on the rise. This city of 18,916 residents has resilient sunny weather that keeps visitors coming back and residents smiling on just about any day of the year. For those looking for the perfect location for winter vacations, or for a long-term full-time residence in the Orlando Metropolitan area, Haines City has a wide variety of attractive housing options such as affordable condos, spacious apartments, new construction subdivisions, classic lake-front homes, ranch-style estate homes, and quiet downtown neighborhoods. But in a town with nearly 20,000 who call it home, that’s just the beginning of what this wonderful Central Florida city has to offer its local residents and seasonal visitors.

A More Relaxed And Hometown Style

Located in the southwest portion of the Orlando Metropolitan area, Haines City provides quick and easy access to Disney World, SeaWorld, and all the sights and sounds that Orlando has to offer. For those who enjoy a more relaxed and hometown-style approach to their leisure, Haines City has pristine lakes available for swimming, fishing, and boating, and the city itself has  two city parks and an auditorium for the benefit of all of Haines City residents to enjoy. If you love Florida for the fresh and plentiful fruit and vegetables grown in-state, Downtown Haines City hosts the local Farmer’s Market every Wednesday from 8:00AM to 2:00PM, which along with tasty farm-fresh food, also features an array of arts and crafts vendors who sell all kinds of local handmade treasures. There’s no doubt that with tourism becoming one of the area’s top economic engines, Haines City has been the location of some of Metro Orlando’s most explosive growth in recent years, so if real estate investment in the area is what you’re after, now may be the perfect time to buy a new home or condo and ultimately call Haines City, Florida home.  

Estimated To Continue Rapid Growth

Haines City, FL Real Estate For Sale

As mentioned, Haines City has been growing rapidly, and is estimated to continue to grow at a rate of 10% or higher every year for the next several years. New residential areas have been springing up around the city and one example that was recently finished within the last decade is Southern Dunes—a golf and country club on the outside of town that features both vacation rentals and stunning residential homes for year-round residents. In terms of transportation, Haines City has put several road improvements and expansions in the works to accommodate population growth, and a new railway spur has been completed that connects Haines City to the CSX. Newer retail and commercial developments are bringing shopping closer to residents of Haines City, while revitalization of historic downtown continues with renovations and utility upgrades that will help keep businesses strong while preserving the community’s strong and unique heritage.

A Family Friendly City With Low Cost Of Living

Demographically, Haines City is relatively young, with a median age is 34 and 62.5% of the population being under the age of 45. The area is family friendly with a below national average cost of living and access to quality public schools, as well as several private and charter school options. A remote USF (University of South Florida) campus, located just outside the city limits, offers Applied Technology programs as well as a variety of other degree specializations and in terms of medical care, the Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center’s northeast Polk County location is close and convenient for both residents and visitors of the area in case of any unfortunate emergencies.

Real Estate Opportunities Have Never Been Better

Haines City Real Estate For Sale

Opportunities for getting a stunning residential home or lucrative vacation or rental home at a good price have never been better for the Haines City area. Many real estate developers in the area are breathing life into housing projects and getting in on the ground floor of such developments will allow the buyer to lock in lower prices and watch property values rise as more development comes and nears completion. Like many parts of Florida, current homes in Haines City are available at substantially lower prices due to the housing fallout that started back in 2008, but prices and values seem to be back on the rise, and buying low right now makes the most sense in terms of seeing home values and housing investments increase. If you’re interested in a Haines City home or condo for sale and would like more information, give our local team of real estate experts a call and let us have the pleasure of helping you down the path of homeownership today!