Obtaining Financing For Your Purchase

It is always smart to start looking for a mortgage at the same time you start looking for a home. Obtaining financing can be a very difficult process and leaving it for the last minute may cost you the property of your dreams.

By obtaining a mortgage pre-qualification, you will be able to know how much house you can afford, and that will save you time during your property search. Also, being pre-qualified for a mortgage gives you leverage when negotiating offers because the seller will know that you are a serious buyer who is prepared to buy. If a seller has two similar offers, one from a pre-qualified buyer and another from a buyer who is not, the seller may consider the offer of the buyer who is most prepared to carry on with the purchase.

At Carlos German & Team, we work with the top mortgage bankers in the area and can get you get pre-qualified and prepared to present the best offer to the owner selling the property of your dreams. Please complete the form below and we will contact you to help you obtain a mortgage pre-approval to get you well on the way to buying your dream property near Disney World Orlando with ease.


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