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Every day, we are bombarded with loud advertisements telling you ways of attaining your score and offering services to improve it if it is unfavorable. What does this all mean? Where can you turn to get sound advice? Many do not know, but the federal government has agencies, bureaus and commissions to handle and address any issue, including consumer credit.

Although the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is not mentioned in any of those ads, it does provide the most comprehensive source of information to help you unravel the many mysteries associated with your credit score and the legitimate steps you can take to correct bad credit. Until you view all of the information the government has to offer, here are some helpful tidbits to get you going.

To be clear,

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happyholidays_450The message from this classic holiday favorite is so very true. Each of us at Carlos German & Team know that our mission is to help you and your family find that one special place to call home, or a home away from home! It is so heartwarming at this time of year to think of all the families we have worked with who are happily creating new memories to cherish for years to come. We would like to wish you all the warmth and joy that this holiday season brings! It is a pleasure and a privilege to help each of you open the door to your home and we thank you for your business as we wouldn’t be here without you.

“If you want to be happy in a million ways…” we are here to help! This time of year there are indeed millions of ways to help those in need and we hope

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In the world of New-Home sales, the future is beginning to brighten up. Surpassing expectations, the government reported that sales of new homes increased by nearly 7 percent in September. But you’re thinking, what should I expect if I’m looking to sell my current home? Recent reports show that sales of existing homes rose 10 percent, leading experts to believe the housing demand is again on the rise after it bottomed out in late summer.

While this is good news, new-home sales are still 21.5 percent below where they were last year. The first-time homebuyer tax credit is much to blame for this difference. Prices are rising slowly, but rising nonetheless. Barclays Capital economist, Nicholas Tenev says that it looks like new home sales have finally

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You wouldn't believe how many questions I receive from Canadian residents interested in purchasing properties in Florida and other parts of the United States. There are certain things to consider as a Canadian resident interested in purchasing property in the US, but they aren't anything that can't be overcome without some help from your realtor.

  • One of the questions that frequently comes up is simply "Can a Canadian resident like myself purchase a house in the US?" Yes. You pay for the house and receive a title, just like with any local purchase. Residents of Canada interested in financing a home in the United States as opposed to paying cash, should look towards Canadian banks that have branches in the United States.

  • Another concern many Canadian
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We are in interesting economic times. You can’t turn on a national news network without hearing the talking heads go on about the economic downturn, soaring national debt and the unemployment rate. But the news is not all bad!

The housing market crash has caused real estate prices and mortgage rates to be at an all time low! Now is truly the time to look into purchasing a vacation home. There are plenty of beautiful vacation condos in the Orlando area selling for only $50 thousand. Luxury homes in gated resort communities have for sale signs in their lawns and price tags as low as $100 thousand.

The obvious reason to purchase a vacation home is to have a beautiful location to kick back and relax. But there’s actually more to the picture than this. Prices

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While analysts talk about a double dip recession, we are seeing signs that point to a healthier, recovering and somewhat stable, real estate market. Home prices were up 1% this past June from May according to S&P’s 20-city home price index, up a total of over 4% from June last year. Despite a drop in sales for July this year’s annual sales are still expected to reach 5 million, beating out the average of 4.9 million of the past 20 years, and home prices nationally have continued to increase according to the National Association of Realtors.

In the second quarter of the year, 100 out of 155 MSAs (metropolitan statistical areas) had higher median existing single-family home prices in comparison to the previous year, and 91 for the first quarter.

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People are moving at record pace to purchase Orlando real estate. So what is it about living minutes from Disney World that is so amazing? The Orlando area is one of the most serene and beautiful vacation areas our country has to offer. The market for homes in Florida right now is fantastic! Young entrepreneurs, families and even international investors are all buying up real estate around Disney World.

Why the rush to buy vacation property in Orlando? Prices and interest rates are lower than ever. With good credit, one can mortgage a vacation home with an interest rate as low as 4%. Rates that low are unprecedented in the area. .

The Orlando area offers a great diversity of attractions and culture. From award winning golf courses, resorts and swimming

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Sales of existing homes in Florida rose 15 percent in June, marking 22 consecutive months that sales activity has increased in the year-to-year comparison, according to the latest housing data released by Florida Realtors®.

A total of 18,038 single-family existing homes sold statewide last month compared to 15,732 homes sold in June 2009, according to Florida Realtors. June’s statewide existing home sales increased 7.7 percent over statewide sales activity in May. Meanwhile, June's statewide existing-home median price of $143,400 was 2.1 percent higher than May’s statewide existing-home median price of $140,400. It marks the fourth month in a row that the statewide existing-home median price has increased over the previous month’s median.

Fifteen of

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Oftentimes you may see the terms pre-qualification and pre-approval thrown around seemingly interchangeably. Understanding the difference between the two, however, is very important in the mortgage process.

Pre-qualification is generally faster than the pre-approval process, but by no means is it a replacement for pre-approval. In the pre-qualification process, you give the bank or lender your financial information; this includes your income, debt, and assets. After the bank or lender reviews this information, they are able to give you an estimate of a mortgage that you should be able to qualify for. This is only an estimate, it is subject to change, and it will get you nowhere in today's market, as it holds no guarantee. Its only real use, is to give you

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Due to the turbulence in the recent economy, there are a few different types of real estate sales that one hears about frequently. When preparing to enter the real estate market, whether as a seller or a buyer, it is important to know the terms used, and the implications of each type of sale.

Short Sale Property

You often will hear the term “short sale”. A short sale is when the homeowner owes more on their mortgage than the home can sell for in today’s real estate market. There are a few ways this can happen. One way is when a homeowner takes out an equity loan (to pay off other bills) that amounts to greater than the home can sell for including closing costs.

Another way this could happen would be if the homeowner originally bought the home with what

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